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Tree-walker-stand, treewalker treestands are super lightweight aluminum, portable climbing treestands. the promag series two piece climbing tree stands feature the comfortable easyglide adjustable treestand seat. our oversized seat and platform combined weigh less than 18 lbs. and our easy glide(tm) adjustable seat allows facing towards or away from the tree.. This is a short year end review of the treewalker treestand we used this past hunting season. http://treewalkertreestands.com/detail.asp?sku=promag%20xl&r1=c..., treewalker treestand review (always wear a safety harness system and use manufacturer's instructions when using this product). Tree walker stand. by mang akew | january 31, 2019. 0 comment. tree stands hunting blind deer promag treestand treewalker treestands treeing walker hound dog breed stand replacement for artificial trees. sanctuary outdoors tree walker stands review. treewalker treestands are super lightweight aluminum portable . promag treestand treewalker treestands. tree walker stand pro mag xl in ..., the sherpa game cart kit treewalker model converts your favorite treewalker brand treestand into a game cart. the kit is compact, lightweight and converts your stand into a cart in less than 2 minutes..

The tree walker climbing tree stand is lightweight weighing in at only 18lbs and is also extremely comfortable to hunt in. this stand is both easy to use and extremely safe to hunt in. it has a large platform size of 20” x 35” comfortable mesh seat measuring 22” x 34” and a weight limit of 350 lbs for all you big guys. you can climb trees from 6’ up to 26” in diameter., promag xl treestand [ zoom] our price: $399.95. availability: out of stock. item code: promag xl the promag xl treestand comes equipped with all the unique-design features of the promag series including the combination shooting rail, bow rest, and multi-position backrest. the xl model has a removable front bar that can be stored behind you offering the convenience of an open-ended seat. xl adv.

Used summits and api’s my entire life but am really interested in getting one of the treewalker stands with the removable front bar. i have some back and leg health issues and need to be able to sit on the bar while climbing and was wondering if that removable front bar can support your weight..., anyone have one? are there any other places to get these other than their website? looks to be one of the best climbers out there..

A friend of mine bought a treewalker climbing stand a couple months ago, and also bought a x-stand, for his boy to use. well, the boy liked the x-stand a little better, so my friend is wanting to sell the treewalker. he is selling it really cheap. its been in a tree once. he was asking $250.00. the one he has is the promag xl, with the chill pad, the $359.95 one. what a deal!!! i was wanting ...