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Trek-seat-mast-cap-torque, enhance your cycling experience with trek round seat cap factory overstock seatpost. shop now!. Product details. lighter than the standard round carbon seat mast cap; direct fit on all trek road bikes with round seat masts; one bolt head design offers easy fore-aft and infinite angle adjustment, stems and seatposts help you achieve a proper bicycle fit. bontrager offer road and mountain bike stems in a variety of lengths and rises, along with seatposts with a unique clamp design that makes them highly adjustable.ride with more confidence and comfort with the perfect stem and seatpost for the way you ride..

Dial in your fit with bontrager bike stems and seatposts for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. | free shipping on orders over $49!, saddle setup is one of the most critical elements in achieving a proper bicycle fit, making a highly adjustable bike seatpost essential. the unique clamp design found on bontrager seatposts sets them apart from the competition in both functionality and performance.. 2 the seat, the part you sit on when riding a bike, is held in place by the seatpost (figure 2). the seatpost binder secures the seatpost in the frame., upgraded my frame yesterday and happy about that, but my shop found a crack in the integrated seat post of my trek domane. the post has a crack maybe 4-inches or so vertically. also the part that is attached to the seat is somewhat warped at the top..

A) front isospeed lower cover b) elliptical nut, m8 x1.0 x 6mm c) front isospeed decoupler d) washer, 16od x 10.10id x 1.125 length e) screw, m8 x 1.0 x 14mm, 4mm hex, anyone's single bolt seat post is slipping? i mean do you find your seat angling down or not being able to hold a level setting even after tightening.

My seat is angled back too far casing my to over extend. it seems that the resting point of the actual placement holders of the seat have shifted. how