-6x+6y=6 -6x+3y=-12 How do you solve this problem?


How do you solve this problem?

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    That’s called system of equations. it is like adding and subtracting.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    first you want to find x or y. i will choose x. in order to do that you need to put one, ill do the first one but you can do first or second, and change it to negative (-6x+6y=6) or -(-6x+6y=6), changing it to 6x – 6y = -6. then the two x’s will be cancled since 6-6 is 0. now you add 6y and 3y, and 6 with -12. get your answer, and do the same thing to y, too. sorry if its a bit confusing, took me a while to learn it too. this is highschool stuff so thats why you will although im im middle too!

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