Factor completely n^4 +8n^2 + 15 =


Factor completely
n^4 +8n^2 + 15 =

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    The factor form is n^4+8n^2+15 = \quad \left(n^2+3\right)\left(n^2+5\right)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    When it is required to factor the expression given in the problem, we have to first find a common term or terms, which will be found by either grouping the like terms or the splitting of the terms.

    Now the expression that is given here is:

    n^4 +8n^2 + 15

    Now, here we will take:


    Thus we will get:

    n^4 +8n^2 + 15\\=u^2+8u+15

    Now we will do the middle term split as follows:


    Substituting back u=n^2 , we will have:


    Hence, the required factor form of the given expression will be:

    n^4+8n^2+15 = \quad \left(n^2+3\right)\left(n^2+5\right)

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