Which value z makes the equation below true 4z=32


Which value z makes the equation below true


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    We know that when you multiply 4 by z, the product will be 32. To find out what z equals, we can divide 32 by 4. By doing this, we get 8. If you want to think about it in more Algebraic terms, then you would be dividing both sides of the equation (both sides of the = sign) by 4. Dividing 4z by 4 cancels out the 4, leaving you with 1z, which is the same as just z. As before, dividing 32 by 4 leaves you with 8, so the equation now reads z=8. Either way you look at it, z is still 8.

    So, the answer to this question is that z=8


    Answer: z = 8

    Step-by-step explanation: In this equation, since a 4 is being multiplied by z, in order to get z by itself, we must divide both sides of the equation by 4.

    On the left side our 4’s cancel out and we’re left with z.

    On the right side, 32 divided by 4 is 8 so z = 8.

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