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Roof-ventilator-purpose, i am from missouri and just had a roof installed. i previously had two of the flat vents, and two turbines. now i only have two of the flatter vents on my roof. they must have roofed over my two turbine holes. on my order/contract it said, two flat vents and two turbines. i'm very ticked. i haven't contacted them yet today, but would like to know first just how serious this is.. Tr . spun aluminum tiered gravity vent. spun aluminum ventilator designed for use in both gravity and mechanical ventilation systems. provide an increased intake area by utilizing two spun aluminum tiers and therefore, provide lower intake velocities reducing the introduction of airborne particles or moisture into the building., www.pennbarry.com ©pennbarry 2008 pennbarry tm gravity ventilators gravity ventilators g r a v i t y accessories › bases mounting bases provide a solid, weatherproof seat for easy installation.

Paint booth ventilation: a guide. working in a body shop means you're constantly surrounded by hazards. power tools and heavy-duty equipment all abound in the shop environment, but perhaps one of the most dangerous areas of the body shop is the paint booth.