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Using-oxiclean-on-siding, oxiclean contains hydrogen peroxide, surfactants and other ingredients that give it powerful cleaning action. when dissolved in water, the oxygen bleach fights stains and dirt as effectively as chlorine bleach, but without the harsh chemicals, bleaching of colors and toxic effects on the environment.. To clean a new wooden deck before applying finish, mix the recommended amounts of trisodium phosphate and oxiclean in a pump sprayer with water, apply the cleaning solution to the deck, and rinse it with a pressure sprayer., lots of water, a cup of oxiclean, a squirt of dawn (to make the solution go on smoother) . this will not bleach the boards, just clean them really well..

Oxiclean's infomercials boast of incredible stain-fighting power, but the product may have other practical uses as well. oxiclean is a natural, powdered bleaching agent that becomes active when added to water.